Tomorrowland 2017 was a crazy one, the biggest one so far with 400,000 visitors, new artists rocking the main stage for their first time like SOLOMUN and ERIC PRYDZ,
a spectacular stage which Indescribable with words, probably the best pyrotechnics show on the planet.
Yep, it seems like the main stage got the perfect show for you and there is nothing to renew or to add but this year we’ve experienced something new.

Armin Van Buuren did it again with his speciality of  ‘crowd control’, Armin is known for his creativity but this time its an all new level.
Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself…

To be honest, he got us for a few seconds… Armin calls this move ‘Technical difficulties’ we call it brilliant!
First of all, Armin should win an Oscar for his play, he took it so seriously.
But for real this part reminds us what was all this festival about.
it’s about being one with the music, everyone is focused on the DJ’s message and for one second he drags you into his world and for that particular moment, nothing is important as the present.
The accuracy of the sound combined with extraordinary lighting show, add an amazing build and huge drop and you will get the exact recipe for an unforgettable Tomorrowland moment.

Of course, its not the only crowd control we saw, let’s take for example Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike who finds out that the only thing you need to make 40,000 people bond together is two words, Left and Right.
pretty amazing right? all the energy,  the jumping, the fact that you are part of something bigger…

Let’s go back a little, do you remember the ‘Ping Pong’ of 2014?!
No, we are not talking about the game, we are talking about Hardwell edit for Armin van Buuren – Ping Pong and his amazing crowd control, thousands of hands from side to side… wow that some energy you cant forgets!


Well, as the year pass it seems like artists looking for a new way to communicate with their crowd.
To be honest, it feels like its more about being trendy and hot. it’s like being the first one to buy a t-shirt that everyone will buy soon.
We are not saying its bad, it’s pretty amazing to see those DJ performance and actually bring something new that makes people happy and grateful.
sometimes it feels like there is a competition for who will bring the next new thing and maybe its good as long we do not forget that in the end of the day its all about one thing, electronic music.





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