Las Vegas is known as the best place for nightclubs, but what about Vegas pool parties?
We collect the best places just for you, so what are you waiting for, let us start…


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It feels like the MGM kept the best parties to itself.
If you survive the night after the Hakkasan you are more than ready for this crazy celebration.
We are talking about 54,500 square-feet venues that designed for madness.
The Wet Republic group takes care of everything for you, daybeds, cabanas, bottle services, signature cocktails and many more feature that provides you with an unforgettable experience.
So we heard that Hardwell, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Calvin Harris and many more talented DJs are performing in the Wet Republic and it seems like the only one who is missing is you.


Rehab… that place is beautiful and huge, there is even isolated place that you will see on your way out.
The pool is huge with so many different areas. There’s even one part with sand which makes you feel like you are on the beach.
If you feel like its a bit too crowded for you, the Rehab solves that with another floor where you can chill with your friends.
The music is so good and suitable for the afternoon, there is nothing as good as cold drink and EDM.
There is a part of the pool which is a bit too deep, so people stay around it, but this is fine because the Rehab got a pretty big dance floor and huge open space for everyone.
Don’t forget your sunglasses at home because the sun might dazzle you and maybe few other things…


Thanks for the memories #summer17!!

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The Liquid located at the gorgeous Aria hotel, whenever you are entering the Aria you feel the luxury in the air.
Passing through the casino all the way to that pool party probably makes you feel lucky, but don’t you lose all your money cause you will need it for the huge drinks that you can take with you to the water.
Each one costs around 40$ so get ready cause you might need one or two.
The Liquid is fully equipped with fancy daybeds and tables, so, if you are about to celebrate a bachelor party, birthday or just the fact that you are in Vegas, this is the place for you.
To be honest, the Liquid felt a bit smaller if we talk in terms of vegas, but we found that as a good thing because it forced everyone to be inside the pool.
That way you can’t feel alone, while there is always someone new to meet.


So what can you do with 22,000 square feet? Great question…
Let’s see what the guys from The Cosmopolitan made for you…
You can’t throw a great party without led screens, you just can’t!
Add to this – a great DJ who is playing house music so loud that just crossing the strip next to The Cosmopolitan makes you wonder, what is going on inside why you are not there.
Games area, hot tub, high-quality sound, pyrotechnics and many features which ensure that you understand we are talking about the best parties in the world.
If it’s not enough for you, the Marquee got two pools that crowded with beautiful people cause it so comfortable that the water is just waist height.
Yea, we know, its hard to wake up early after a crazy night but PLEASE, wake up early and go for one of the best pool parties in Vegas ever, you won’t regret it.


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Quick tip, whenever you see the name WYNN ENCORE prepare yourself for something extraordinary.
what can you do with 40,000 square feet pool deck?
How about 26  fancy cabanas with daybed, private refrigerator, TV, and many bottle service options.
if it’s not good enough for you there are also 8 private bungalows and each one of them offer a private balcony with a view of the strip, private bathroom, AC, infinity dipping pool, and basically everything that you can fantasize on.
There is no such thing as too much in Vegas.
The place can include up to 3000 people so you can’t feel alone with so many people.
If you are looking for some fun and company, ENCORE BEACH CLUB is the place for you.
Many DJ’s as Alesso, David Guetta, Chainsmokers, Major Lazer see this place as their home.
We can’t imagine a better place that screams louder “Vegas” than the ENCORE.
Please, we beg you to make sure you are visiting there at least once.


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