It’s hard to believe that there are people who have never heard the name,
but for those who aren’t familiar with the name David Guetta, let us show you that you actually know his music and his collaborations with some of the hottest name in the industry.
‘Hey Mama’ with Nicky Minaj, ‘She wolf’ with Sia,’When love takes over’ with Kelly Rowland… pretty familiar right?

So now when we are sure you know him its time to say happy birthday to David Guetta who became 50 years old.
David Guetta gave us a lot of great music since the 90’s, so talented producer with many great hits who was nominated many times for Grammy and even won 2 in 2010 for best-remixed recording with the song ‘when love takes over’.
Since 2007 David Guetta never left the top 10 of best DJ list and announced as Best DJ of the year 2011 according to DJMag.

Ohh… we almost forgot, with so much talent you can’t blame him for losing focus for a short moment sorry David we cant forget about Tomorrowland 2014

we are joking, we love and appreciate your work.
So for one of the most talented producers ever birthday here’s a playlist with top 10 hits from all over the years.

Happy Birthday David Guetta!


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