Have you ever heard the letters EDC?
Probably from friends who are talking about one of the best festivals around the world.
EDC is part of the big names like Tomorrowland, UMF, Electric Zoo etc…
We are talking about the Electric Daisy Carnival!

A piece of history
That crazy Annual festival started 20 years ago and located in L.A.
over the years things changed after the festival of 2010 when the 15 years old Sasha Rodriguez died after taking MDMA.
After these events, the owners decided to move its flagship festival to Las Vegas Nevada and the age of entry changed from 16 to 18.

With more than 7 years of experience in Vegas and over 20 years of experience in general, we can definitely say that the EDC is one of the most colorful, impressive and spectacular festivals around the globe.
The EDC is the largest festival outside Europe with more than 400,000 Participants and it’s just getting bigger every year.
With 8 stages, and many huge artists more than 100,000 people danced at the EDC 2017.

In the Future
The EDC 2018 will take place at Vegas Motor Speedway like in the years before.
The festival usually takes place in June but this time it happens in May for a better weather.
So get yourself ready for 3 days of madness from may the 18-20, 2018!
Imagine yourself being one with tens of thousands of different people who came from all over the world with one purpose, music!
with so many stages, so many performances, so many layers there’s a place for everyone.



so as you know the festival happening on may the 18th-20th
Right now the prices are much lower and the EDC group offers significant discounts if you buy the tickets now.
The tickets provide you entrance for the whole 3 days of the festival.
The pre-selling got four stages

stage 2-“WISE OWL”-340$
stage 3-“LATER OWL” not open yet but will cost 355$
stage 4-“SLEEPY OWL” not open yet but the price not announced yet.

If you are short of money at the moment the EDC provide you layaway plans so you can pay every month the same amount of money for the next five month.
(75.42$ X 5 right now, might change according to the current stage of pre-selling)

If you feel like you can spend more money on tickets we recommend you to get VIP.
That will allow you to enter all VIP areas at the EDC festival.
VIP fast pass, exclusive lounge space with dance space, food, games, and more…
All that for 3 days of VIP for only 699$


We can’t really tell who exactly gonna be there because EDC didn’t publish yet the lineup but if you look at the lineup of 2017 you will see all the big names in an endless list.
The EDC team always improve themselves so we guess that 2018 gonna be a crazy year for the festival!

Dress code

unlike many clubs in Vegas, there isn’t really dress code for the Electric Daisy Carnival
But you better check the weather a few days before you are going shirtless.
All those lights, the amusement park rides, the colours make that festival to a real carnival!
you cant go suited up for that party, I mean you could but why would you when you can take advantage and express yourself. go for cosplay, for flashy neon buddy colours, go for hairspray, makeup, group theme cosplay and basically whatever makes you feel good about your self and one with the music and the crowd.

The Bottom Line…

As we all know, the EDC is one of the biggest festivals around the world. but what makes it so special is the setting.
clubs are great but being with so many people once a year for three days could be a life-changing experience.
All the light, the music, the colours, the amusement park rides make that festival special.
I think that feels so special for us because it reminds us something from our childhood, being a child means to enjoy the little thing and let a few lights of amusement park get you so excited that the only thing you can do is smiling.
For us, the EDC is a connection between childhood to adulthood because for 3 days we can leave all the serious stuff we are doing and just enjoy the little things like being Spiderman for a day, riding a rollercoaster get enthuse for no reason and eating candies…

18mayallday20alldayEDC Las Vegas 2018(All Day) PST Las Vegas Motor Speedway - Las Vegas, NV



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