Las Vegas has always been famous for its casinos and gambling activities. However, now it seems like the state of gamblers is changing the show. Recently, the number of concerts, music shows, and dance parties have been increased in Las Vegas. With the rapid evolution of EDM, it seems like the entire game is changing.

Casino in Las Vegas
Casino in Las Vegas

There was a time when people thought that Las Vegas will only remain famous for the casinos but now it is more famous as EDM Las Vegas. With the rapid evolution of the music industry, most of the people want to know that how it all started. Here we have the complete information that how the EDM stage in Vegas revolutionized.

The Evolution of Las Vegas Strip and the Development of the Clubs

You will be amazed to know that just on this weekend there were almost 200,000 to 300,000 people that came to swarm the city. All of them were the music fans and they visited the city for their love of music. They came for the famous music event that was featuring

  • Pasquale Rotella
  • Benny Benassi
  • DJ Kaskade

It felt like most of the people only came to meet their idols and they were not ready to leave until they can get an autograph. People were loving the effect of the electronic music. It all started with the development of the strip and clubs. Most of the visited the clubs for gambling activities but they enjoyed stripping more than anything else. Considering the increasing requirements of the tourist the strip and club industry rapidly flourished in Las Vegas and soon people wanted their strippers to sing for them. This is how the electronic music came to Las Vegas.

Tourism and Evolution of Electronic Music

There were parties everywhere in Las Vegas throughout the 1990s. They were organized at unconventional locations around the town to assure that it will remain hidden from the authorities. However, the true catalyst to the parties was the introduction of electronic music in 1996.

The first huge party organized in Las Vegas was Desert Move. There were big brand sponsors and the entire focus of the party was on music. People were ready to buy the stakes of tickets only to get a chance to hear the legendary singers like:

  • Derrick May
  • Westbam
  • Josh Wink
  • Dmitry from Dee-Lite
  • Much more
Derrick May
Derrick May

In order to reach Desert Move on time, most of the party lovers took a bus. They waited outside the town for hours. There were impressive sound systems and organizers installed the transformative lasers and lights to make it more interesting.

It was like a live nightclub and people loved the fact that how they can dance to the music whole-night. For many individuals, it was once in a lifetime chance to see the live performances of the singers they have always loved.

Las Vegas the capital of Global EDM

It would not be wrong to call the EDM market of Las Vegas the capital of Global EDM. The reason is that due to the recent amazing performances and parties the EDM Vegas market earned a profit of $7.4 billion and it is an amount that has never been achieved before. There is no match for EDM Las Vegas in the world.


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