David Guetta wants to leave his last marks for 2017 with the new release of ‘Dirty Sexy Money’.
Guetta is known for his amazing taste to collaborate with the top artists. This time he chose Afrojack, Charli XCX for the singing parts and French Montana for an extra touch of coolness.

Actually, the track was released on November 2nd but the video clip is out and it’s just so amazing and basically, it doesn’t count until you have a video clip.. right?

We tried to find any stories behind the clip but couldn’t find anything special…
A lot of money bills (probably fakes) everywhere, baby mask on French Montana’s face, quick shots in some abandoned stairwell and many beautiful girls… Basically, everything that is needed for a great video clip that could easily become viral.

So less talking more listening – here is the video clip:

BTW, French Montana is going to perform at the Marquee which is located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on Christmas Eve, so if you are in Vegas and want to hear ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ live, check out the event. 


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