Who Are We?

The answer really depends on who are you asking, and when.
We consider ourselves to be dreamers.

We are the guys who love the people who love electronic music.

Music is everything to us, especially EDM. We appreciate what this music can mean for people.
We are the ones who notice the difference between the tracks, the rate of the bits, the melodies, and of course, the vibe of the crowd.

For us, EDM is more than just music. It’s about the feeling we get when watching thousands of pairs of hands in the air,

credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com

making us feel alive.Do you know this special feeling?
The feeling of being with thousands of different people?
Free yourself, and for short period of time forget your troubles. Your financial issues don’t matter, the person that left you is not important, and that bad day you had at the office is already behind you. Seeing all of these people smiling makes our hearts expand.



credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com

We have always admired huge music festivals, such as Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Ultra. The combination of freedom, uniqueness, and color give us the feeling of a true happiness. Those who enjoy and respect the music are why we do this. We all value music, making it a huge part of our lives. We all accept each other for who we are.

Over the years we thought that something changed.
We felt that too many things are changing, and we can’t keep up with the new music.
Maybe it’s a new generation of party people? Maybe we just had enough? Or maybe we are getting old?
There is only one that continuously reminds us of who we are and what we need, and that’s a vacation!

The Diamond of The Desert


This vacation can be found in Las Vegas.
In Vegas things began to settle, we can feel people’s admiration for the music.
DJ’s put so much effort into every track, it felt like everyone taking music so seriously.
We saw those little smiles and the excitement of people all over again.
Getting so excited to feel those goosebumps whenever we enter a new club.
You cannot stay indifferent to the structures, ‘Go Big’ while paying attention to the small details is the spirit of Las Vegas.
Everyone on the Las Vegas strip brings their own level of uniqueness to the city. Allowing for no one to ever feel alone.

Now close your eyes and imagine the best party you could ever wish for.
You probably are thinking of your favorite DJs. The sound is so incredible that you never want to leave. The lightning show is breathtaking, the bars are huge and fully stocked, and filled with crazy decorations.
Now open your eyes. We guess that this is how the designer and the architect imagine it and made this idea to become alive.

We Are Here for You

Our main purpose is to keep you updated with the latest news around electronic dance music. Besides that, we will be the first to tell you about the hottest EDM events in Vegas. And there’s a lot of them!

We will let you know about the best DJs, the most unique and astounding places. We chose to put the spotlight on Vegas, as we believe that Vegas is the heart of the electronic dance music.
We are here to keep the EDM scene alive.

Your time is precious and that is why you deserve to know where to go, and what to listen to by coming to our website.
Without you, the ravers, all of these places would have been meaningless.


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