Tomorrowland the place that every raver dreams of.
we don’t really have to say much about that festival beside the fact that July is only 9 months from now and more important, Tomorrowland published new information about 2018 theme which will be called ‘The Story of Planaxis’.
we can’t really say much cause nobody knows what they meant by ‘The Story of Planaxis’ but that’s what so beautiful about this mysterious land.

Let’s take a quick look at Tomorrowland 2017, around 400,000 people from over 75 countries visit Tomorrowland during the two weekends, with up to 40,000 people at the main stage.
The “Amicorum Spectaculum” was so incredible, with huge stage with acrobatics, breathtaking pyrotechnics and one of the best lighting show ever.
You shouldn’t be worried about 2018 theme ‘The Story of Planaxis’ because it will definitely rock!
Tomorrowland is the most influence and important festival around the world.
It’s a huge honor to take a part of that show for every artist in any level of recognition.
DJ’s saves their ‘secret weapons’ for their set in Tomorrowland.
With tickets that sold out in minutes, millions and millions of view for every DJ set, No doubt that Tomorrowland is the most desired festival around the world.
So if you never been there this is your year, leave whatever you are doing and focus on getting a ticket.



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