So you probably heard stuff like “it’s vegas” or “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, while the source of these expressions is usually the parties.
The top artists always perform in the Vegas nightclubs and basically, it’s the place to fulfill every desire you have.

So if it’s your first time in Vegas or even if you’ve been there several times we are here to show you a few of the hottest places on vegas strip…
Are you ready? let’s start!


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Probably it’s not the first time you heard the name Hakkasan.
Either on social media or from friends who were there.
For example, Steve Aoki’s Instagram full of photos of his performance at the Hakkasan…
The Hakkasan located at the MGM Grand hotel and it is one of the most spectacular clubs in Vegas.
The Hakkasan is about 80,000 square feet.
Although this club is huge it’s always crowded.
the only way you can see the Hakkasan empty is by pictures.
This club is part of five floors which consist of private restaurant, another club that called “Ling Ling Lounge” and of course VIP area.
Get prepared to walk your way up to the Hakkasan cause there are so many stairs to the top (we couldn’t wait anymore for the elevators out of excitement).
Any good vacation in Vegas must have at least one night at the Hakkasan.
Some of the biggest DJ’s are always there, including Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Calvin Harris and much more.
From our personal experience, it’s indeed one of the best parties and one of the best clubs.
we spent two night at the Hakkasan instead of going to another place cause we knew that nothing can change the energy of that place!


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The XS located at the exclusive WYNN ENCORE hotel.
We are talking about one of the most expensive clubs that ever built.
You can see gold in every corner and feel the luxury in the air.
Furthermore, we are talking about a club which combines a pool area if you are looking for a little bit more adventurous night. probably, you won’t enter the pool and just dance next to it but remember, we are talking about Vegas, it gets crazy in some nights.
The XS team work so hard on the dance floor so get prepared cause house music and EDM are played all night.
Like most of the leading clubs, the XS opens from Friday to Sunday.
You can find there so many good artists and a few residents.
The big names for that club are Marshmello, Chainsmokers, Dillon Francis and Alesso.


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You see all these little square behind the DJ stand?!
Those are led screens that can rotate, flip, turn, changing according to the sound and basically give you an amazing experience of what real club should look like.
Amazing, right? Of course, we are talking about another masterpiece from Rockwell Group – the Jewel.
You can easily feel the luxury in every corner with over 1,400 square feet of architectural LED.
The dance floor surrounded by many VIP tables so if you are about to buy bottle service that’s the place for you!
The DJs list changes all the time but if you are lucky, you might find there Steve Aoki, GTA, NERVO and Lil Jon… YEAAAA…
After being there we must say that the Jewel is pretty small next to the Hakkasan but we liked it for many reasons.
First, there’s a LED screen in every corner, even the stairs are covered with LED screens.
It seems like they put an effort into every small detail.
The place combines clean and accurate sound with an amazing lighting show.
The atmosphere in that club is remarkable.
After a few nights of huge parties, we recommend the Jewel as a place which is a bit less crowded and more intimate night with your friends.


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The Omnia club located at the Caeser Palace hotel.
Just as the Jewel at the Aria hotel, the Omnia designed by the Rockwell group.
That means that the lighting show and the decoration are guaranteed to be one of the most impressive shows that you’ve ever seen.
We are talking about 75,000 square feet, an enormous club with a great dance floor just for you.
One of the things that differentiate OMNIA out of the rest is the huge chandelier that hovering over your head.
You are about to experience one of the best nights out that you’ve ever had.
The Omnia had earned every possible title: “Best Visual Extravaganza” by Vegas Seven;
“Best New Nightclub” by Las Vegas Review-Journal; and 2015’s “Best New Nightclub” in Vegas Magazine Awards. ”
But the fun isn’t over yet. If it’s a bit too crowded inside, there is also a huge balcony where you can see the view of Las Vegas strip.
It is the place to chill with a great cocktail under the stars.
We can’t even imagine a vacation in Vegas without spending at least one night at the Omnia.
For the artists, you can hope for Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Garix, HARDWELL and the many other top DJ’s.



The 1 oak located at the Mirage and probably your night located there too.
we are taking this sign very seriously.
we ended up in a great party that reminds us that there is another ‘one of a kind’ club in NYC. But we are talking in Vegas terms, where everything is about the size, the show, and the artist.
You can definitely tell that someone put so much effort to maximize the size of the dancefloor and tried to achieve some open space.
The main room was built for 1300 people, among them you might find a few celebrities who like the 1 OAK as much as us.
For the DJs, it changes from weekend to another so stay tuned to our calendar.




Tritonal x The Chainsmokers "Honest" remix on repeat! Catch @tritonal at tonight's #MarqueeMondays.

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The Marquee located at the luxury Cosmopolitan hotel.
If you ever dreamt what vegas can look like – this hotel is for you!
It’s all about the SHOW here, we can guarantee for impressive parties that could exist only at the Marquee.
The Marquee group put so much effort into the small details from the decoration of the club to the LED walls.
We are talking about a great place with good vibes from the crowd and clean sound, what an experience!
The club is open during the whole day, the nights are pretty amazing BUT on daytime, there are huge pool parties which you don’t wanna miss.
So if you are strong enough to start your day with a few cocktails, and after it, move on into one of the best nightclubs of the city – that’s the place for you!
We hope you came for house music but even if it’s not your favorite, there is a place for you too. You can find the Boom Box dance floor which is designed for Hip Hop fans.
Oh.. we almost forgot about the LIBRARY, that place is quieter and designed for acoustic shows and others.


#thiscouldbeusbutyouplayin Tonight's the night! Tag someone and tell em quit playin. #TaoLV

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With 12 years reputation, you can definitely say that the TAO in The Venetian is one of the hottest spots.
The 10,000 square feet nightclub that combines design, Asian decor and sound is the place to spend your weekend at.
There are so many Asian features on the walls and huge sculptures that lead you to the VIP area.
Think about it, you are on a ‘Vegas vacation’ in a hotel that has a Venetian concept.
Inside the hotel, there is an Asian restaurant that leads you to the TAO club which definitely can make you feel like you are on another vacation on the other side of the globe…
Confused? that’s fine, there are a few dance floors where you can relax and choose what kind of music you wanna dance to. (EDM for us)


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